Be That Woman And Watch What Happens To Your Life

In order to be That Woman you have to be willing to get up more times than you fall down.

But first, you have to believe in your own greatness.

Are you willing to put all those old fears aside, once and for all, so that you can finally step into your greatness with both feet planted firmly in the ground and both arms stretched wide open?

Will you (finally) latch on to your greatness and claim it as your own and never again apologize for who you are or what you do or the choices you make?

I’m not suggesting you’re not already “great”… I am saying YOU have to claim your inherent greatness and define it to suit you and your life. There comes a time in a woman’s life when she must decide, once and for all, whether she’s going to stay on the path of least resistance, or take the path that leads to her heart’s deepest desires.

Claiming your greatness is an opportunity that diminishes as we get older; it’s always there, but the window gets smaller the more we dig our heels into, “I can’t do that,” and “I’m not good enough for that,” and, “I’m afraid of what they’ll think.”

Your greatness has nothing to do with your sense of enough-ness: thin enough, smart enough, rich enough, attractive enough, talented enough, … enough with all that.

Stepping into your greatness means you finally believe in those parts of you that have been stifled, held down, muffled, dismissed, dreamed about, ignored, forgotten, laughed at, joked about, longed for, wished for, and unclaimed.

You don’t become great. Greatness becomes you.

Greatness is something you “do”… greatness is what you live, create, embrace, expect, breathe, share, expand, expose, love.

Exposing your greatness takes guts.

Living your greatness takes grit.

And owning and loving your greatness takes grace.

Be that woman. A woman who takes a deep dive off the verge and into her greatness.

Once again, this isn’t about becoming that woman. You are her, already. But you’ve been very busy covering her up with layers of denial, excuses, and disbelief.

There’s no magic in being great. There aren’t “10 Easy Steps” you must follow in order to be great.

You don’t have to earn it.

You can’t buy it.

And, while you may still deny it, your greatness is always there, under the layers, waiting to be exposed.

Believe in that, and you will be That Woman, the one who shows up on the center stage of her life, ready to do what she knows in her bones is right and true for her, no matter what “They” think.

Being great is a product of Integrity: standing up for what you say you stand for. Walking your talk, even though you may stumble from time to time. Being great means you get up more times than you fall down.

Feet firmly rooted to the ground.

Arms wide open.

Breathing in love.

Exhaling greatness.

Being That Woman.

Doing what matters to you.

Loving and forgiving those who may not see you the way you see your Self.

Being That Woman is the ultimate Freedom you can ever experience.

Are you ready to unleash your greatness, Girlfriend? It can be hard to do alone. But with a tribe of “Those Women” around you, supporting you, loving you? You can’t imagine the places you’ll go. Read more HERE.

Originally published at on January 10, 2017.

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