February 15, 2021

I believe in making a mess first, do you?

The messier the better!

Especially for those of us who want things done perfectly, I think it’s important to remind ourselves how much we enjoyed making a mess when we were little girls.

Those messes were the foundation of our creativity.

MESSES are the seeds of MAGIC.

If you want to make MONEY in your business (and I surely hope you do), please learn to embrace the mess. Allow yourself the luxury of making a mess so that you can get to the heart of who you are and what you and your business stand for.

This is how we build businesses that make us money AND make us HAPPY.

To clarify, a “mess” is when you don’t hold yourself back. You put it ALL out there, even if you’re not sure it will work. You take delight in creating the various iterations of your work, confident that there’s something to be learned just by allowing yourself to run wild, break things, and not worrying about what THEY will think.

TRUST that you will do your best, and still, you will stumble and fall. But notice: the sky will NOT fall. People may think you’re nuts, but you can handle them, even if their opinions are unsolicited.

The bottom line is: it’s either YOU or THEM? Who are you really accountable to when it comes to living YOUR gutsy glorious life?

Who will you choose?

author, lawyer, business strategist for gutsy female entrepreneurs who want MORE